With a range of Adult Dance Classes, Children's Dance Classes and Dance Fitness Classes. Taught by Professional, Experienced Teachers. We have something for everyone here at RISE Dance in Leeds.

Our belief is that anyone can learn to dance, there is no such thing as "two, left, feet"!! With the right tuition learning to dance is easy, fun and a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy. Children can benefit in many ways including learning co-ordination, balance and teamwork skills to name but a few. 

Most importantly there is an option to suit everyone, from being swept off your feet "Strictly" style, taking a fun Dance Fitness class, starting a new social hobby with a loved one or friend, to competing with the best at events all over the country. Dancing has something to offer everyone!!

Our team is headed up by Rosie Gentile a Professional International competitor and qualified, experienced teacher. Alongside her are her dance partner fellow qualified professional Ian Whyatt, also a Professional International competitor. And Nicola Sowerbutts who is also our Dance Fitness expert. You can find more information about who's who on our "Meet the Team" page. 

Between us we have years of experience in Teaching, Performing, Choreographing, Competing and most importantly sharing our love of dance with others through our dance classes and lessons here in Leeds. 

If you'd like to learn more and join in the fun, contact us at info@risedance.co.uk and start your dancing story with us!