We've got lots of exciting news to share with you all about our fantastic solo dance and fitness classes, so we've put it all together in one place for you! Whether you're a solo class regular, or you've never tried one of these fantastic classes before, we'd love to welcome you! Read on for all the latest news...... ⭐️ Strictly Solo Our Strictly Solo classes have spent March learning a fiery Paso Doble routine to Rumour Has It by Adele! For April we’re switching things up and focusing our attention to some Ballroom. We'll be floating and gliding around the floor as well as learning how to weave, feather and hover our way through an American Smooth Foxtrot! We're bringing the extra classy big band vibes this month with our song choice Have You Met Miss Jones by Robbie Williams. Come and join us for some extra elegant dancing under our glitterballs! ⭐️ Salsa Solo Come along an immerse yourself in hot Cuban and Latin American vibes with this hugely popular class especially designed to teach you all the moves and techniques you'll need! Our dancers have been learning some fantastic routines in the styles of Kizomba, Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Merengue and Reggaeton! All set to fantastic music that you can't help but get moving to, and with some extra special lighting effects thrown in to add to the vibe, this is a party and a dance class rolled into one! ⭐️ FitSteps Our FitSteps classes have had an April refresh! We will be dancing a brand new Cha Cha Cha to Take My Breath by the Weeknd and a Jive routine to Smiley Faces by Gnarls Barkley. Our April FitSteps classes will also be featuring our first ever FUSION routine! A FitSteps fusion dance brings two styles of dance together to one song! We’re keeping this one a secret for a little bit longer though so you’ll have to come along to the class find out what our first fusion dance is! All of these exciting new FitSteps routines are in addition to the routines you are already familiar with, including your favourites such as the Tango, Quickstep and the Samba! We can’t wait to show you these new routines and teach you some more moves! ⭐️ FitSteps Low Impact Our Low Impact FitSteps class will be dancing a new Quickstep to This Love by the Vintage Vegas and a new Jive to How Sweet It Is by Michael Buble, as well as the new Cha Cha and Fusion dance featuring in the other FitSteps classes! Again, these routines are in addition to the routines you already know and love! ⭐️ Adult Street and Commercial Starting this month we have a brand new class! Adult Street & Commercial. Mixing two of the most popular styles of dance in the UK right now! Street dance features the coolest moves around whilst Commercial adds in that entertainment flavour we see in music videos and concerts! Set to current popular tracks as well as some old school classics. If you're looking for a class that’s fun but with the coolest vibes…this class is for you. ⭐️ Book on now!! To book onto a solo class you’ll need to either follow the below link, or visit our website and click on “book a dance class”. Once on the scheduling page you’ll be able to select the class you’d like to book. FitSteps can be found under “Adult Fitness” and Salsa Solo, Strictly Solo and Adult Street and Commercial can be found under “Adult Solo Class”. You’ll then see all available options to book this class for the next 28 days. Please note, once a class is fully booked you’ll no longer be able to see that particular class unless we have a cancellation. The latest you’ll be able to book onto a class is up to 12 hours before it starts. If you miss the booking window and would like to book please drop us an email, if there’s space available we’ll be happy to book you on. ⭐️ Solo Classes Timetable Salsa Solo: 6pm Tuesdays Strictly Solo: 12pm Wednesdays 6pm Thursdays FitSteps: 6pm Mondays 7pm Wednesdays FitSteps Low Impact: 10am Tuesdays Adult Street and Commercial: (Starting on 13th April) 7pm Wednesdays We're looking forward to seeing you all there! 🤩

Thank you, The RISE Team

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Wow! What a final last night.

Whilst we felt really disappointed for AJ and Kai who missed out after so much hard work, and we would have loved to have seen what they could have brought to the final! The two couples still in the running more than made up for a special and entertaining night of dancing!

The quality of the six dances they performed between them was exceptional, reflected in a joint score for them both of 119/120!

Both couples provided some fantastic performances, entertaining but also with a display of technical proficiency built up over the weeks! On ability it was almost impossible to split them and either couple would have been a worthy winner of the trophy.

In the end it was Rose who was crowned winner and for our team she was also our choice. Simply because of the hard work, grit and determination she has shown each week to perform to an exceptional level and the beautiful authentic dancing she has produced as a result!!

However at RISE we all feel last night the real winner was diversity and inclusion within dancing. To see not only a same sex couple but also the demonstration that a disability does not need to hold anyone back within dancing was really special.

Here at RISE we have always believed that “every-body dances” and have a mission to promote inclusivity and accessibility in dance, so we were thrilled to see this last night.

We have enjoyed catching up with you all every week with our thoughts and reviews of the show, we hope you have enjoyed it too! Let us know your thoughts on last nights final below….and….

Keeeeeeeeep Dancing!!!!

⭐️ The RISE Team ⭐️

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This weekend saw the penultimate show in this years competition with Rhys and Nancy leaving the show.

With only three couples left heading into the final next week the heat is on to deliver those last performances that will crown one of the couples as Strictly Champions.

We asked our Pro's after watching this weekend who they wanted to win the show.

⭐️ Ian's Strictly Winner 2021:

AJ & Kai:

I feel this couple have really improved through this season of Strictly, going from strength to strength with each performance and highlighting show stopping performance energy with each putting.

My favourite dance from them this weekend was the Quickstep, full of choreography with no gimmicks! Aj held her position and posture thorough all of the swing movements as well as the jumps, hops and runs! Not easy to do, and the energy was consistent throughout.

⭐️ Rosie's Strictly Winner 2021

AJ & Kai:

This was a hard choice as I also love Rose and have enjoyed watching her immensely, but for me the consistency AJ has shown as well as her amazing energy throughout just gives her the edge for me.

I think they have a great dynamic as a team and are so enjoyable to watch!

I agree with Ian, this weekend the Quickstep for me was just fantastic. Performed to my favourite Quickstep song, this piece of music is a true classic and has been used by many top dancers over the years. But they lived up to that with a true, authentic Quickstep performance with great content. I loved the glamour of traditional Dress and Tailsuit...I feel the authentic attire has been missing from this series and it just finished the performance off for me.

⭐️Nic's Strictly Winner 2021

Giovanni & Rose

I am rooting all the way for Rose to win! I think she is a true inspiration to anyone who feels they may find learning to dance a struggle! I also love the way she has just got on with the job and thrown so much energy and commitment into the series.

She's a real story teller with her performances and brings so much more to the audience than just the dancing.

My favourite dance from this weekend was the Argentine Tango, I loved seeing that side of her, so much attack and intention in her performance. Also the intricacy of the timing and the steps to the music was immaculate.

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