RISE Dance COVID-19 Safety Policy & Procedure – Springfield Mill, Farsley, Leeds

Below we have outlined the procedures we are implementing during your dance lessons/classes to ensure they are as safe as we can make them.


We are doing everything we can to ensure that government guidelines are being met within our school to keep everyone safe and reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. We ask you to kindly support us in achieving this within our school.


We have implemented the following steps to help make returning to your dance lesson safe and easy. 

  • We ask that you pay for your lessons via our online booking system. If this is an issue, or you need any help with this, please contact a member of our team.

  • We will be operating a one-way system. This means that you will be entering the studio at the right hand side of our main door and leaving through the opposite side when exiting. Clear signs are available to help you. 

  • Hand Sanitiser is available please use this when entering and exiting the studio.

  • Please to do not enter the communal building until just before your lesson to avoid queues in the communal area.

  • Please can all Adults and Children over 11 years wear a mask in the indoor communal area and in our reception.

  • A member of our team will direct you through reception to your studio and from there into a designated zone and space where you can leave your belongings. Please try to bring as little as possible with you, and ideally a bag to put your belongings in. Please also arrive wearing what you wish to wear during your lesson. There will be no areas to change, and whilst toilets are open, we ask you to kindly avoid using them as much as possible.

  • At this time, our teachers will not be able to partner anyone. We have limited the number of people allowed in each studio to ensure social distancing is possible in all lessons.

  •  Please stay in the designated space as instructed by your teachers and allow for social distancing with your teacher and other students during your dance lesson.

  • We have supplied all members of the RISE team with suitable PPE and we are allowing time for extra hand washing during lessons. Teachers may be wearing a visor, if you would prefer your teacher to wear a visor whilst they are teaching you, please let us know before your lesson.

  • When your dance lesson is over, please change your shoes, collect your belongings, and leave when instructed by your teacher through reception and through the right hand side of the exit. Please do this as quickly as possible to allow for the necessary cleaning to take place. Please also clean your hands using the hand sanitizer provided. Remember to wear a mask when leaving through reception.

  • At this time, we need to keep the numbers of people to a minimum within our lessons. Therefore, we ask parents to not accompany your child into their lesson. A member of staff will collect your child at the main door, and after the lesson will bring your child to the fire exit for you to collect them safely. If you wish to be able to view your child during their lesson, please contact a member of staff and we will arrange for you to be able to do this safely.

  • Your safety is our priority, in order to help us help keep you safe we need to allow extra time to clean between lessons, escort people from the premises, and invite new clients in. We will require a maximum of 10 minutes to do this between each lesson, which means your lesson will be slightly shorter than usual.

  • If you or a member of your household currently have any symptoms of Covid-19, or are aware of having tested positive for Covid-19 and are currently within the recovery period, please do not attend a lesson with us. If you have booked a lesson, please contact a member of our team and we will arrange to reschedule once it is safe to do so. 

Our team would like to thank you for helping us keep our school Covid-19 safe. We look forward to welcoming you back soon, if you have any questions please contact a member of our team on info@risedance.co.uk


Thank you!

The RISE Team