Health Guidelines for all Dance & Fitness Classes

  • All our teachers and instructors are fully qualified and trained in the subjects they are required to teach. 

  • Please inform a member of staff if you have any health concerns prior to your class or lesson.

  • Please consult your doctor or health professional before taking part in any of our classes if you have any health concerns or pre-existing conditions. 

  • If at any point on our premises you feel unwell or become concerned about your health please speak to a member of staff to allow us to assist you. 

  • All parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring children are safely able to take part in classes and lesson and to ensure they follow the above Guidelines.



Child Protection and Safeguarding

  • All teachers responsible for children’s classes and private lessons are fully qualified in the required subject to do so.

  • All teachers responsible for children whilst on our premises have an Enhanced DBS check and all members of staff (including office staff) have a Standard DBS check. 

  • You are responsible for your child at all times on the premises until they are collected by the teacher and after they are returned to you. This also applies should leave your child unattended at our studio.


General Guidelines 

  • Please arrive on time for your class, doing otherwise causes disruption to the class.

  • For fitness classes it is required for you to be on time for the warm up session to be able to take part in the class

  • Ensure that you wear appropriate clothing and footwear for your class.  RISE dance cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries related to inappropriate clothing or footwear or faults with either of these. 

  • Food and drink (except water) is not permitted in the studios. Chewing gum is not allowed. 

  • CCTV is in operation throughout our premises to protect our customer and staff.

Monthly Payments & Cancellation Policy


  • All Adults and Children’s classes (excluding Fitsteps) now need to be paid for monthly. This is calculated based on the number of weeks of a class, which fall into the given month. 

  • In the event you cannot make a class after payment has been made please inform us up to 48 hours in advance.

  • This will allow for us to arrange you to swap to another class in place of the missed class. This can be redeemed against any class and the value of the swap can also be redeemed against fitness classes.

  • The swap does not have to be redeemed in the same week or month as the class missed. 

  • In the event more than 2 classes are missed in a month and a suitable swap is not possible then a ½ an hour private lesson can be redeemed in place of the missed classes. 

  • Attempts to swap classes must be made before this can be redeemable.

  • In the event RISE Dance cannot provide a suitable class because restrictions on class numbers mean no spaces are available the full amount of credit paid for the classes is redeemable. 

  • RISE Dance may choose to waiver the 48-hour cancellation deadline in the event of an emergency still allowing the class swap to be redeemed. 

  • Email reminders are sent for each class booked to help manage your bookings.

Private Lesson Cancellation Policy 


  • We operate a 48-hour cancellation policy for all private lessons. Please email cancel. 

  • RISE Dance may choose to waiver this fee in the event of an emergency. 

  • Email reminders are sent for each lesson booked to help manage your booking.