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10 Reasons to start partner dance classes.

With our brand new partner dance classes starting this week at our studio in Leeds, we thought we’d give you 10 reasons why taking up an adult partner dance class is a fantastic idea!

1. A hobby to enjoy together! - Dancing is a great hobby to enjoy with a friend or loved one.

A difference in physical size, strength or age does not matter, therefore it is a great sport to be able enjoy together.

2. Posture, balance and strength - When instructed correctly dancing is incredibly beneficial for your posture and improving strength of all muscle groups. Balance is also improved as the body learns and develops new and more challenging ways of moving.

3. Stress relief - Dance lowers stress and raises levels of hormones like serotonin and dopamine to make you feel happier.

4. Brain workout - Absorbing and remembering new movement and step patterns is a workout for the brain too. According to David Gotthelf, Ph.D., NCSP, Licensed Psychologist Provider, “there’s a good deal of research supporting fitness as beneficial not only physically, but also in positively affecting brain functioning. Dance is a powerful example, given the executive functioning demands involving memory and focus.”

5. Dance those cares away - Whilst your brain is busy working away learning and remembering those new moves the worries and troubles of the day fade into the background. Dance is likened to mediation for clearing the mind!

6. Meet new people - It goes without saying that you will meet new people in a dance class, but partner dancing also opens up the door to social dance events within your school or club and beyond. Lots of new friends with a shared interest is a great reason to take up dancing.

7. Range of movement - Unlike some sports which focus on dominant muscle groups or using a dominant side of the body, dance is a full body sport. Both sides of the body are challenged allowing new co-ordination skills to develop.

8. Increased aerobic fitness - Without needing to step on a treadmill, dancing is a great workout for the heart and lungs. It can also be easily tailored to different levels of fitness.

9. A skill for life - Parties, holidays and events are opened up to a whole new level of enjoyment as your confidence to get on the dance floor increases. The step patterns you learn in class are transferable to many different situations. Got a special event coming up, let your teacher know, they might just be able to help out.

10. MUSIC! - We’ve saved one of our favourites until last. Music brings extra enjoyment to any activity, and with dancing it is all about the music. Once you’ve learnt your new steps, there is no feeling quite like getting lost moving in sync with the music.

We hope we’ve given you plenty of reasons to consider dancing as a new hobby!

We’d love to hear from any dancers who already attend classes on your thoughts on the above. Or maybe you have your own reasons? We’d love to hear them!

Our Ballroom & Latin partner dance classes start from this week. For more information email

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