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RISE Strictly Round Up - Week 2!

It’s time for our second Strictly RISE review.

The pressure was really on this week as the risk of being eliminated from the competition threatened the couples for the first time.

The standard overall this year is really high with so many couples clearly in the running with a chance to win the coveted glitter-ball trophy.

This week at RISE Ian and Rosie give their comments on the two couples at the top, and bottom of the leaderboard!

⭐️ TOP

Tilly & Nikita - Charleston: Charleston is sometimes branded as one of the easier or more “gimmicky” dances on the show. However the dance does require a great deal of energy, stamina, characterisation and technique to give a credible performance, which Tilly absolutely managed. Her footwork, balance, spins and tricks were all executed cleanly whilst she maintained the energy level and performance all the way through. She definitely deserved to be at the top of the leaderboard with great scores! - Rosie

Sara & Alijaz - Foxtrot: A very well chosen piece of music and a dance routine which really suited the couple. I agree with Craig when he said that ballroom is clearly her strength. The use of action and technique was good with an ease of movement and clear drive action, no question that they were the best dance of the evening! - Ian


Adam & Katya - Quickstep: Agreed with the judges comments about the weak use of frame and the choreography mistakes. A good energy and attempt though as the ballroom dances are tough for the male non-professional dancers to do well. There’s definitely a lot more potential to come through as long as the choreography choices match his strengths. - Ian

Nina & Neil - Tango Unfortunately it’s easy to see how this dance slipped down to the bottom of the leaderboard and eventually led to Nina leaving the show. The strength and skill required to maintain a good shape and posture whilst executing the attack and staccato rhythms of Tango just wasn’t there from Nina. She did however give a huge amount of effort and energy to the performance which she can be proud of. - Rosie

If there is any thing Strictly related you would love us to review let us know and we’ll leave our answer in the comments below!

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