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Strictly Review - Musicals Week!

The Strictly weeks are flying by! So much so we are already on “Musicals Week”!

Our office manager Emma is such a keen Musicals fan that this week we have handed over to her to let us know which performances she thought were closest to the real deal!


I’m so excited to share my thoughts on my favorite week of the Strictly calendar…Musicals week! Anyone that knows me knows I’m obsessed with musicals. I also grew up performing in amateur dramatics so I get really excited about this week every year!

⭐️My favourite performance of the night was Tilly and Nikita with their couples choice! I saw Matilda the musical live a couple of years ago and at the time I remember being absolutely blown away by the energy and performance of the Revolting Children number. Watching Tilly and Nikita, I felt that way all over again! Shirley mentioned that she couldn’t tell the difference between pro and celebrity and I completely agree! Tilly matched Nikita in energy, commitment and performance at every step!

⭐️ Second favourite for me was Tom and Amy, also with a couples choice. On My Own from Les Misérables is a heartbreaking number. I remember sitting in a crowded theatre in tears because of the empathy I felt for poor Éponine.

The level of acting, performance and expression demonstrated by Tom and Amy in this number almost made me forget I was watching a dance competition, and more like I was watching the show all over again!

⭐️ Finally, my third favourite was AJ and Kai with their beautiful Waltz to Edelweiss.

In the original musical The Sound of Music (yes I’ve seen this one live too ) this number serves to show the tender side of Baron Von Trapp. Kai has used this emotional piece of music and cleverly fused it with the outside night time love scene and dance number between Rolf and Liesl. The result is a beautiful love story performed wonderfully.

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