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Strictly Review - Week 10!

It’s Week 10 and that means now we only have 3 weeks left of the competition!! Before we jump into this weeks review…(an Argentine Tango special)…let’s see how the winning predictions our team made in the first week are holding up!

Rosie ❌Katie McGlynn & Gorka Marquez ❌Tom Fletcher & Amy Dowden ⭐️AJ Odudu & Kai Widdrington

Ian ⭐️AJ Odudu & Kai Widdrington ⭐️Dan Walker & Nadiya Bychkova ❌Tom Fletcher & Amy Dowden

Nic ⭐️AJ Odudu & Kai Widdrington ⭐️John Whaite and Johannes Radebe ⭐️Rhys Stephenson and Nancy Xu

Emma ❌Tilly Ramsey and Nikita Kuzmin, ❌Nina Wadia and Neil Jones, ⭐️John Whaite and Johannes Radebe.

Nic is clearly in the lead with her predictions with ALL 3 couples still in the running! Good work Nic!! 🤩

Now onto our review…an Argentine Tango special!

This week top of the Leaderboard was John and Johannes with their Argentine Tango. Always a crowd pleaser with the audience, and a style that we love teaching here at RISE. We asked our Argentine Tango teacher Ian for his take on this routine. Did he agree with the Judges.

John & Johannes - Argentine Tango Wow what a show stopper this dance was, the use of Ariel movements and progressive choreography really emboldened the character they were aiming to show. This was really emphasised by the use of Salida’s and Retroceso movements as these helped move their choreography around the floor. It was nice to see the use of a Basic 8 figuration which aided the following Corte actions. With regards to the series of Foot Flicks, Piquet Movements and Gancho Leg Flicks which are synonymous with Argentine Tango, I felt they were danced in appropriate proportion to the character and feel of dance that John & Johannes were demonstrating. These actions have a tendency to be over used in some cases on the show, sometimes up to 50% of the choreography. So it was refreshing to see that their routine didn’t make too much of a feature of this action. To me it seemed like each of the various figures and movements were well balanced, each one like a single cog in the engine of the choreography and this emboldened the performance the two showed as they danced. These figures were the canvas for their story of dance of which they executed superbly, complimented by a perfect choice of music. An all round A* performance in my view! -Ian

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