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Strictly Review - Week 8 - Costume Special

A very exciting review for Week 8! This week we invite our resident seamstress and very own costume mistress to giver her thoughts on the costumes from the this weeks show, Judith Mayoh Khoudi.

With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge we hope you enjoy her run down of the fabulous costumes you see on the show! Over to Judith.....

I'm thrilled that Rosie has asked me to provide a few comments on the strictly costumes this week. With a degree in costumes & textiles and many years of Ballroom/Latin making and designing experience she knows I have a keen interest in the costumes we see on our TV screens each Saturday evening.

So here's a brief rundown of this weeks outfits:

Tilly & Nikita - Quickstep Tilly was dressed in a very pretty outfit which was quite simple. I could possibly see social dancers in this sort of attire - without the huge split. Dressy and affordable. Nikita had some lovely textured fafrics in his outfit. However, if he were competing the shirt/waitscoat combo spoiled his shaping a little.

AJ & Kai - Paso I saw this on Thursday on the "It takes two" programme and thought it looked rather brash! However, once under the studio lighting the colour was vibrant and beautiful. The tiered skirt is in chiffon and silk/satin and there is rather a lot of skirt for an inexperienced dancer to deal with in Paso. The beautiful top is encrusted in 2 shades of rhinestones, estimated at around 4000 stones. Kai in traditional Latin wear. Always a winner!

Dan & Nadya - American Smooth Very traditional in tail suit and Nadya in an elegant dress. What was there not to love? Dan is a tall slender guy and looked stunning tonight. The outfits enhanced his performance.

Rhys & Nancy- Charleston Traditional 20's styling. The use of the boater made it more complicated for Rhys. Shoes were in keeping with the style too. The suit, particularly the trousers looked as though they were cut in a fabric with stretch. This aids the dancer in their movement and particularly helpful in maintaining clean lines with the lifts. Nancy's dress looked as though it was repurposed from a high street dress. Strips of fabric made from the original skirt fabric, that is just my guess.

Sara & Aljaz - Argentine Tango Whilst this was not my favourite look it was a valient attempt at a Tango dress both in colour and style. The gentle trim of crystals on the velvet fabric was appropriate and not distracting. A traditionally coloured dress with those essential splits front and back for those kicks, flicks and long low legline moves.

John & Johannes - Samba So obviously it's a different look dressing 2 men dancing together, i really loved this combination. Both wore the same outfit but in different shades. This was such clever costuming in marking out the difference between leader and follower without any clash. Two in the yellow outfit of Johannes would have been too much and two in the blues of John probably too understated. Gorgeous well fitting trousers and really clever colour combinations. Loved it.

Tom & Amy - Viennese Waltz The beautiful Amy (or Kate Middleton as I call her) looked gorgeous in her grey 50's style dress with lots of light shaded tulle underneath. On closer examination this looked like a blinged up blouse and skirt with deep waistband a great effect. So Tom, a very simple street vibe with interesting black/white shoes, I’ve not ot a huge amount extra to say about this outfit really.

Rose & Giovanni - Couples Choice Contemporary dance and contemporary outfits with bare feet. Beautiful soft layers of chiffon part trouser part dress is my guess. Beautifully complimented by Gio's lose fitting shirt & trousers. When they danced I thought the outfit was a soft pastel blue but it was actually grey. The lighting on strictly really changes the look of some garments. Something that Vicky Gill regularly mentions on her Thursday evening slot on "It Takes Two"

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