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Strictly - Week 4!

Strictly - Week 4!

The dancers are really getting their teeth into the competition now!

Its 4 weeks in and we are starting to see some real

stand out performances.

However for some there is also the disappointment of finding yourself at the bottom of the leaderboard.

So what do our Pro’s think the bottom 3 couples in this weeks leaderboard can improve to stand a better chance of a higher score in the coming weeks?

Rose Ayling-Ellis & Giovanni Pernice - Cha Cha

Credit has to be given to Rose firstly for her excellent timing and how she has overcome the challenge of not being able to hear the music.

She displayed some good technique required in the Cha-Cha during figures that were more stationary such as her Cuban Breaks, Time Steps and Swivels.

Her action was not as strong in steps that travelled more such as her Walks and Locks and Natural Top.

To improve this she needs to work on the use of her feet in connecting her weight and centre to the floor. This will allow her to create more pressure through her feet which will help her articulate the actions required, such as straight legs and hip actions. And also make her appear more grounded.

- Rosie

Dan Walker & Nadiya Bychkova - Cha Cha

I think Dan danced quite well in his Cha Cha and knew the routine really well so was really confident with it. He also looked like he was having loads of fun and really committed to the performance. For me it looked a little too “steppy” as there wasn’t a lot of flow from one move to the next. This made him also look quite wooden and stiff. I’d like to see him develop the use of his legs and knees more, this would also help him achieve his hip action and give more flow to his dancing and movements.


Judi Love & Graziano Di Prima - Waltz

From watching the waltz routine, I feel the choreography was well chosen and matched the couple dynamic. In order to move forward in a better direction perhaps more work on the actions required for each dance is needed. There are a lot of times when the dancing looks stiff. Waltz should have an ebb and flow to it emphasised by leg lowering actions and foot rise movements. In fairness the use of foot rise was ok but there needs to be more fluidity and a little bit more dynamic movement for this couple to stand out better I think. But the choice of choreography can’t be faulted.

- Ian

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