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Strictly - Week 6!

Week Six and this weekend we saw the

Spooky Halloween special!! 🕷🎃

This week at RISE we are discussing whether we agree with the dance off result.

Ian is our pro this week sharing his thoughts…

Judi and Graziano vs Katya and Adam

I felt that when comparing these two performances there seemed to be admirable qualities in both performances, both celebrities really have progressed a long way since the first episode.

However, I felt that Katya and Adam’s performance was more on theme for the Halloween special which would have worked in their favour. I feel that it would have been tough for Judi and Graziano to produce a strong Halloween performance with their song choice and Cha Cha routine even though they gave good reason for this.

Something that I felt was a reason for Katya and Adam being in the dance off was their lack of Viennese content, it was more like a show and less of a Viennese Waltz dance. Judi and Graziano brought more content to the table.

However Adam and Katya were the stronger dancers in my view and so the decision for Judi and Graziano to be knocked out of the competition seems appropriate as there were a lot of technical Cha Cha components missing in their routine.

I feel more could have been done to accentuate the contrast of the couple dynamic as Graziano is very tall and Judi is shorter and this could have been explored more. However instead they produced dancing which aimed to mirror and match one another, which can be both very intimidating and revealing, something Rosie highlighted a few weeks ago. I liked the use of Cha Cha figures in Judi and Graziano’s routine but it lacked substance, however contrastingly I was not a fan of Katya’s and Adam’s routine as it lacked substance in my view, but it was a very good performance piece. I feel this is what gave them the win over Judi and Graziano.

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