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Check out some testimonials below from our valued customers:

"To all those people whose feet are dancing whilst watching Strictly, I would encourage you to embrace your inner Fred and Ginger, and enrol on a fabulous RISE Dance course. The tutors are friendly, very knowledgeable, and teach you the steps at a very easy pace. Dancing is very good for you both physically and mentally. You will meet like minded people who, with the encouragement of your tutor, will soon be dancing around the hall doing your very own Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, or maybe a Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba and Tango!  Don't be shy, my husband and I signed up for a ten week course and six years later we are still 'tripping the light fantastic"Carol T

"My daughter attends the Baby Steps class and she absolutely loves it. Lots of fun dancing to songs that she knows and lots of energy from the teachers!" - Gina


"The FitSteps class is great and loads of fun! Can’t wait to start salsa in this lovely, spacious studio!"Charis 


"Love coming to learn how to dance in our evening classes. They're always really fun and just want we need to blow the cobwebs away!" - Pippa


"From day one we knew we had made a great decision, Rosie and Ian are fantastic teachers, breaking everything down into small simple steps, lots of repetition, with endless patience and enthusiasm, lots of encouragement and best of all, making it so much fun. Nearly 4 years on we are still thoroughly enjoying our lessons in the lovely new RISE dance studios and have had the confidence not only go to a few dance socials, but to get up and dance!"Carol R

"Loving our Tuesday nights with RISE dance... quick step, cha cha, rumba, tango, rock n roll, waltz... lovely meeting new people and learning new moves." - Kirsty


"Started our beginner Ballroom & Latin class back in October and can only recommend it. Nicola is absolutely fab teacher, makes you feel comfortable, explains everything simply and is always willing to make the extra effort with anyone who’s struggling. The class is always so much fun and it’s the one thing that makes Tuesdays enjoyable." - Markéta

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